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Posi-Strut & Posi-Plus

MiTek’s Posi-STRUT® and Posi-PLUS® products offer a more economical and easier way to construct long span floors, rafters or Purlin systems. Posi-STRUT® is an open web truss system that combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of timber for custom made systems that will meet the exact requirements of your job.

Posi PLUS® may be used when exact spans cannot be determined prior to manufacture. Posi-PLUS® has patented trimable end panels, giving you all the benefits of Posi STRUT® with the flexibility to trim on-site.

Posi-PLUS® Saves even more time and money

Where exact spans cannot be determined prior to manufacture, Posi-PLUS® with its patented trimable end panels, can give you all the benefits of Posi-STRUT® with the flexibility to trim quickly and easily on site to the exact length required.

Posi-PLUS are made in stock lengths, from 2400mm to 6000mm in 300mm & 600mm increments. This reduces the waiting time and allows for the cost savings of bulk production to be passed on to the customer.

Posi-STRUT® and Posi-JOIST® truss performance and economy have been proven on many projects around Australia, from houses to multi-residential and commercial properties, so you can be sure that they will provide the best solution for your long span floor.

Posi-STRUT® - Posi-PLUS®

Posi-tively the Best Way to Build Plus

If you are looking for a more economical and easier way to construct long span floor, rafters or purlin systems then Gang-Nail’s Posi-STRUT® or Posi-PLUS® open web truss system is for you.

This feature alone greatly reduces construction time and costs, and allows you to get your project to completion much faster.

And, the time and cost savings don’t end there. Because Posi-STRUT® trusses are 50% lighter than conventional solid timber joists, handling is much faster and easier. They are also manufactured to meet the requirements of your job, so there is no on-site trimming required.

Because Posi-STRUT® trusses use 70 or 90mm chords, they do not require temporary bracing and floor and ceiling materials can be joined at each truss without doubling up floor joists or using packers.

Posi-STRUT® also allows you a greater degree of design flexibility. They are strong enough to allow clear spans of more than seven metres, so you can achieve large internal spaces.

Posi-STRUT® open web trusses are based on a unique "V" shaped steel web with integral teeth, which, when used with timber chords, forms long, strong, parallel chord trusses. This means you enjoy the strength of steel, together with the easy fixing and handling of timber.

Posi-STRUT® trusses unique open web design means you can duct services like plumbing, electrical and air conditioning between the top and bottom chord, with no need for drilling, notching or construction of extensive bulkheads.